Corporate Philosophy //

The canacoon spirit drives and inspires our corporate culture.
It is the canon for our thinking and action that helps us to consistently follow our course: the success of our customers..

Customer focus

Our objective is to secure the success of your company through our action. To do this, we strive to make the right corporate decisions with you and empower you to move forward with the solutions achieved using the knowledge and expertise you have gained.

Team work

In the canacoon team, we support and help each other in an atmosphere of open and friendly cooperation. Through their own dedication, each team member contributes to complementing the achievements of the others. The result is a friendly, dynamic team culture that motivates us to give our utmost.


Our team members’ creativity and inventiveness are the reason why we offer you more than cookie-cutter consulting, even under complex project conditions. That’s why our employees regard room to maneuver as a matter of course – so that they can draw their innovative strength from things that go wrong as well as from things that go right.

Talent management

canacoon’s success is founded on the competency of each individual team member. We therefore attach great importance to consistent talent management, active facilitation, and career planning for our employees. Only then is it possible to have a culture of continuous growth, in which employee and corporate objectives are met successfully and with enthusiasm.


We don’t believe in improvisation. Instead, we want every project, every decision, and every activity to be planned and have a long-term impact. Take advantage of our carefully devised and durable solutions.


Our value system comprises values such as sincerity, reliability, fairness, and equality. At canacoon, personal action must comply with these values to form the basis of trustworthiness. Integrity is therefore an essential requirement for belonging to our team.