Analysis //

As part of analysis, canacoon provides far more than purely focusing on standards and best practices. Our team’s many years of consulting experience has resulted in the development of our own procedures, which enable the efficient and targeted gathering of credible data as well as sound consulting from key, beneficial angles.

canacoon supports you in the following areas:

  • Examining business processes for IT process and system dependencies, and determining business impacts
  • Gathering and analyzing existing data from different sources, for example, SIEM systems, scanners, and security analyses already performed
  • Analysis of processes in the areas of risk management and information security
  • Identification of vulnerabilities, attack vectors, and threats from a technical and an organizational perspective
  • Dedicated technical security analyses in the form of, for example, source code audits, penetrations, or scans
  • Cost-benefit analyses of measures and processes in risk management, as well as measures in the area of information security

The procedures we use are based on established best practices and standards, such as ITIL, Management of Risk (MoR), Cobit, various ISO norms (ISO27001, 27002, 27005), BSI basic protection, and PRINCE2, as well as our own custom procedures – the canacoon Consulting Practices. We take into account both recent experience and business factors to achieve optimized, tailored results for and in the interests of our customers. The canacoon Consulting Practices are value-oriented, risk-aware, and have a solid foundation in technology